Thomas Train for Amusement Parks

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Thomas and his friends, a popular TV series, marked the way for the production of Thomas train for sale. It became so popular among kids for the same reason and is loved equally by the kids and adults. These trains come in bright colors and lights, and the body of the train comes with smiley faces with blushing cheeks and unique eyebrows. Thomas trains have become one of the popular amusement rides in theme parks, amusement parks, malls, carnivals, and several fairs.

Types of Thomas Trains

Depending on the usage or non-usage of a track, there are two types of Thomas trains.

1. Thomas trains with track
2. Trackless Thomas Train

New Thomas Train

Thomas Train with Track

These trains use a track to move on. They are usually fixed in places like amusement parks, carnivals, malls, theme parks, outdoor events, etc. These miniature trains run along the track with cheerful music and colorful and beautiful appearance. These can be customized depending on customer requirements.

Features of Thomas Trains

1. They are customized in different shapes and sizes.
2. The maximum speed of the train is 6km/h.
3. It accommodates 18-24 passengers depending on the number of cabins it has.
4. They come with a warranty of 24 months.

Trackless Thomas Train

These are very popular along with other amusement rides at They are entertaining, easy to operate and are multi-functional, i.e, they can be used as joy rides as well as for transportation. They come in different designs and themes and are loved by the kids and also adults. The cartoon character’s face, Thomas, makes it more attractive.


1. They usually come in the size of 8*10m.
2. The maximum speed of the train is 3km/h.
3. It accommodates around 8-14 passengers.
4. They come with a warranty of 24 months.

Common Features of all types of Thomas trains

1. They are battery driven, i.e, they use batteries for power supply to the engine. The batteries used are durable and powerful. They last for a long time, for about 10-14 hours.
2. The train is manufactured with high quality and durable material.
3. The paints used for painting the train is of high quality and durable and don’t fade off soon.
4. Most of the designs have one locomotive and four coaches, which accommodates 17 people, one in the locomotive, who takes care of the train and four passengers in each coach.
5. All the trains come with pleasing and fun songs that are being played during the trip and makes the ride more cheerful.

Things to consider before buying

1. Type of Thomas Train

Depending on the requirement, the customer can choose between the two models of trains. The trackless train sets suits best as the indoor ride for malls, carnivals or any such events, as well as amusement parks and the train with track, can be used in amusement parks, theme parks, and other such outdoor places.
2. Investment
The miniature trains are cheap and highly affordable and can be used in small scale business or personal events, whereas the other type can be used solely for business purpose to generate income.

3. Quality, Durability, and ease of operation
Choose the best quality train, which has high durability and can be easily operated.

4. Size, Shape, and Design
Depending on the event or the theme, the customer can choose from a wide range of Thomas trains and can even get them customized and manufactured.

5. Good After-sales Service

Along with delivering a quality product, the after-sales service matters a lot. This will really help the customer in reaching out the manufacturer in case of any difficulties in running or maintaining these trains. A good after-sales service can be a deal maker or a deal breaker.

6. Profit Generation

If the purchase is for business purpose, it is very important to go for the product that has a low maintenance cost, has good quality, lasts for a long duration, so that the profits generated will be more. The appearance also matters as it attracts the public. o choosing the design and colors wisely gives the customers an added advantage in generating more profits.

Being an outcome of the old books and children’s TV series, people have an emotional connection with the Thomas train as well These trains can make their ride worthwhile and fun.